Name: Starship Master Donator Rank(+1000 SpaceBucks)
Price: 18.00 EUR

Starship Master Rank includes:

- Create 150 QuickShops /qs create

- Set 6 PlayerWarps /pwarp set

- Create 10 Auction listings on AuctionHouse /ah

- Set 3 Homes /home

- Ability to break and pickup spawners with silktouch

- Ability to create Space Station /station (still costs eco ingame)

- /hat command, place any item on your head

- /craft /workbench command, virtual workbench

- /ext command, extinguish fires

- /back command, takes you back to when you last saw the sky

- /echest command, portable ender chest

- /nightvision command, gives you nightvision

- /clear /ci command, clears your inventory

- /nick command, lets you set your nickname

- /compass command, portable compass tells your bearings

- Ability to ban/unban someone on AuctionHouse /ah {ban/unban}

- access to 5 jobs

- +5000 Bonus Claim Blocks

- +1000 SpaceBucks